Hoarding scones

I came back late from school and roamed to Whole Foods to pick up a few groceries and of course found myself over by the scones. I was a little doubtful that they would have scones at this hour (it was around 9pm), but lo and behold there were at least 5 scones! I spotted the chocolate chip and cinnamon scones sitting next to each other and picked up one of each. I naively thought that I was finished with my sconing for the day and then my eyes shifted over to the left and I saw three raspberry scones sitting in the display. I HAD to take one of those as well. And then I looked up and saw a vegan chocolate chip scone and was so so tempted to take one but I refrained mostly because three scones fit perfectly into the wax brown bag and adding another would have been a bit troublesome. Otherwise I would have taken one in a flash. So I splurged on three scones today even though I still have two scones from back home in Chapel Hill currently in my freezer. I am a scone hoarder.

Whole Foods (River St) 2Sometimes I am too impatient to take a picture of my scones before I take a bite into them. That’s a lie. I don’t bite into them I break off pieces and eat the pieces.

Raspberry Scone
Whole Foods (River St) – Cambridge, MA

Texture: The top is nice and crunchy but the scone as a whole is not as hard as I typically prefer. It looks like whoever made this scone put egg wash across the top because it has a shininess to it. The inside is muffin-y but a bit drier, and a little spongy; it actually looks like a sponge on the inside (but it sure doesn’t taste like one!). The bottom texture is average. I separated the top and bottom and ate each part separately, and I definitely prefer the top. It’s like the difference between the muffin top and muffin bottom. (On a random side note, I encountered someone today who eats muffins from the top down as in he takes a bite out of the top and works his way down. I was intrigued by the atypicalness of it. Normally people eat muffins from one side to the other side or they pick off pieces from the top and sides. I destroy the muffin by breaking the bottom from the top and eat the bottom first then the top. While this leaves me the best for last aka the muffin top, it also makes me incredibly vulnerable to people coming by and asking for a piece [and who am I to say no to sharing?] and then getting the best part of the muffin without having had to do any of the work. And by work I mean eating the muffin bottom. I acknowledge that similar to this person I encountered, my way of eating a muffin is also not very normal, but it struck me as very odd. Okay, enough of this longer than anticipated tangent.)

Taste: Surprisingly good because it isn’t too sweet. My idealized scone is pretty sweet since it’s chocolate chip and even more so because of the glaze on the top, but the taste of this scone is still pretty good because the lack of sweetness gives you a taste of the other flavors. There aren’t any raspberry pieces, but the flavor of raspberry is very apparent. It’s made with some sort of wheat flour because the dough is dark. The non-sweetness of the scone actually makes me more likely to consume a normal amount of scone in this one sitting because I’m not left with a craving for more sugar.

Best part: The edge corner – crunchy and delicious

Bonus points: It wasn’t triangular.

Overall rating: 5/10


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