…just for today and just for this scone. Almost.

TODAY, I am writing a blog about a scone that I am eating right at this moment. As you may know, my birthday was a week and a half ago. In a post that will be published next time, I talk about a girl in my program who made me chocolate chip scones for my birthday (she normally makes cookies or brownies for other people’s birthdays but she made me scones because she knows I love them). Today, another one of my classmates with whom I traveled to India in January just gave me a 90% vegan scone that she made (and an accompanying card because I love them). This absolutely made my day because it was so thoughtful and unexpected. Being a publicly-declared scone lover really does have its benefits. (Also I’m writing this in class because she gave it to me in class.)

She explained that this scone is almost vegan but that she used Trader Joe’s chocolate chips. For me it doesn’t make a difference since I’m not vegan, but I do applaud her accomplishment. It came wrapped in aluminum foil with a gold ribbon bow on top. And if you’re interested, she gave me a card folded as a paper airplane and wrote Hindi letters all over it (this was something we bonded over while we were in India). Anyways, on to the main feature:

90% Vegan Chocolate Chip Scone
Lacey’s recipe

(Left) The little scone individually wrapped in foil with a gold bow. (Right) The best piece broken off the triangular scone (aka the top corner).

Initial impressions: I’m not all too familiar with vegan baked goods or vegan food in general since I am not vegan, but this scone is rather solid. It is not squashable (I assume because it doesn’t have eggs) but appears to be the right color (which is a tan-ish, chocolate chip cookie-like appearance). It actually looks like a chocolate chip cookie bar. I should also mention that I have written up until this point without taking a single bite, and it is one of the more difficult things I’ve done in the last month (normally I can’t help but take a bite immediately upon receiving or buying a scone). Also, the scone is triangular which I am willing to overlook as the gesture was so kind, and it’s vegan. I don’t know what it being vegan has to do with the shape, but perhaps it’s more difficult to make round scones if they’re vegan…or something.

Texture: This is very dense as I expected. I don’t think it would be fair to compare this to TPS because there are limitations to this scone, so I will try my best to judge this objectively as a vegan scone. The texture is a little grainy. It’s chewy like a hard Fig Newton. It doesn’t have the lightness of a pastry which I appreciate. The denseness is unlike any texture I’ve had in a baked good. I wonder what is in this…and by that I mean I’m sure it’s vegan butter, but I wonder what is in vegan butter.

Taste: Not particularly sweet. You definitely taste the flour in the dough. I wonder if she put sugar in it.

Something that kind of drives me crazy: There’s a sugar coating on the outside that makes my fingers sticky every time I eat it. Just because of my upbringing I hate any moment when my hands are dirty. However, the aluminum foil is too loud to wrap around the scone and eat that way. Also, I don’t enjoy biting into scones all too much.

Overall rating: 5/10 (not bad for a vegan scone)

I need to try those vegan chocolate chip scones I saw at Whole Foods the last time I went.

On an unrelated side note, I had a vegan chocolate cupcake yesterday and it was absolutely amazing.


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