Back on the scone hunt

And boy has it intensified. It has been very long – too long – since I last posted on here which is not okay. However, this has not been due to a lack of scones. Quite the opposite especially recently. Here is some math and a picture to reflect the high quality of friends I have found:

9 scones Sunday + 8 scones Monday = 17 scones in 2 days



Basically, two of my good friends here gifted me 17 scones. What more does one need in life?

And now, here I am happily munching on yet ANOTHER scone that I purchased from Caffe Nero because I’m a fiend and can’t control myself. And because my roommate and I decided to study here. Here’s the rundown.

img_62771Not going to lie, I’m pretty proud of my artsy angle on this picture. I included the coffee in there, but let’s be real, who’s paying attention to it anyway?

img_62781Did I actually buy 2 scones? Of course I did. Left is peach pecan and right is chocolate chip.

img_62791The scone’s innards.

Initial impression: I was waiting in the rather long line (and by long I mean 4 people but it just seemed long because the place was so small that the line took up a lot of space relative to the size of the cafe) and of course, my eyes scanned the baked goods section. I saw the usual cookies, muffins, danishes (more on danishes/tarts/pies in another post), and brownies and honestly wasn’t expecting to see scones. And then, peeking out from behind the display of (honestly who knows what and who really cares) croissants (?), I see some round scone-looking things. At the moment, I couldn’t get a good look at them because all of the people in front of me were in the way (and I’ve realized that I really turn into a grouch when I’m trying to get to scones). I was going to ask one of the very busy cafe workers whether they were scones and, if they were, what kind of scones they were. To my great fortune, the girl in front of me asked and I eavesdropped into the cafe worker’s response. Spinach and something (I don’t really give salty scones the time of day because that’s what biscuits are for now aren’t they?), chocolate chip, apple walnut, and peach pecan. And also to my great fortune (because there was only one chocolate chip scone remaining), the girl decided NOT to buy a scone and instead went with a muffin (her loss). When the line moved forward, I approached the scones to get a better look. They looked a bit like bread rolls with a crunch texture on the top. Imagine those packaged bread rolls you get on the plane that are always cold. And in case you don’t know what I’m talking about…


Of course it didn’t look exactly like that, and luckily it didn’t taste anything like that either but the appearance of the scone was eerily similar to that bread roll. The size (about 3 inches in diameter and 2 inches high) is a little sad though I think my expectations for size are a bit over-exaggerated (for me, the bigger the better). But I’m willing to look past it.

Texture: The outside texture is a bit odd. It’s crunchy but in a powdery way. So when you bite the outside, it crumbles into a million pieces in your mouth. The best comparison I can make is that the outside texture is like the texture of Eet Sum Mor biscuits which I believe are British. I know, really obscure. Also, why am I comparing this scone to a strange cookie that no one has heard of and where did I ever encounter such a thing? When I was in Tanzania over the summer, I think I had one really long 10-week craving for scones (I had just been in Chapel Hill where I was able to enjoy TPS for an entire week). Typically, when I have a craving and I don’t want to give in to my craving, I eat around my craving until I’m so dissatisfied with everything I have eaten that I end up eating what it is I was craving in the first place. Of course, this was not possible in Tanzania as they don’t have scones (I was hopeful that they would and maybe they do because they were a British colony, but they definitely didn’t have any in the small town where I was). So my solution was to eat around my craving and the closest thing I could find was cookies (I know, how convenient). So I spent much of my time in Tanzania eating cookies and all types of cookies including these Eet Sum Mor biscuits. In the process, I discovered the wonders of reduced fat Digestive Cookies. Anyways, returning back from the long aside. The inside texture of the scone is pretty good. It has the perfect moistness to dryness ratio though the perfect texture on the inside is slightly disrupted by the crunchy powder outside.

Taste: The taste is pretty much on point. The chocolate chips are small so they don’t overwhelm the taste buds. The dough part is slightly sweet but not too much so which marries well with the sweet chocolate chips. (Also, I just ate a piece of only inside and while there was no outside to disrupt the texture, it was very odd to eat such a soft piece of scone.)

Overall rating: 6/10



…just for today and just for this scone. Almost.

TODAY, I am writing a blog about a scone that I am eating right at this moment. As you may know, my birthday was a week and a half ago. In a post that will be published next time, I talk about a girl in my program who made me chocolate chip scones for my birthday (she normally makes cookies or brownies for other people’s birthdays but she made me scones because she knows I love them). Today, another one of my classmates with whom I traveled to India in January just gave me a 90% vegan scone that she made (and an accompanying card because I love them). This absolutely made my day because it was so thoughtful and unexpected. Being a publicly-declared scone lover really does have its benefits. (Also I’m writing this in class because she gave it to me in class.)

She explained that this scone is almost vegan but that she used Trader Joe’s chocolate chips. For me it doesn’t make a difference since I’m not vegan, but I do applaud her accomplishment. It came wrapped in aluminum foil with a gold ribbon bow on top. And if you’re interested, she gave me a card folded as a paper airplane and wrote Hindi letters all over it (this was something we bonded over while we were in India). Anyways, on to the main feature:

90% Vegan Chocolate Chip Scone
Lacey’s recipe

(Left) The little scone individually wrapped in foil with a gold bow. (Right) The best piece broken off the triangular scone (aka the top corner).

Initial impressions: I’m not all too familiar with vegan baked goods or vegan food in general since I am not vegan, but this scone is rather solid. It is not squashable (I assume because it doesn’t have eggs) but appears to be the right color (which is a tan-ish, chocolate chip cookie-like appearance). It actually looks like a chocolate chip cookie bar. I should also mention that I have written up until this point without taking a single bite, and it is one of the more difficult things I’ve done in the last month (normally I can’t help but take a bite immediately upon receiving or buying a scone). Also, the scone is triangular which I am willing to overlook as the gesture was so kind, and it’s vegan. I don’t know what it being vegan has to do with the shape, but perhaps it’s more difficult to make round scones if they’re vegan…or something.

Texture: This is very dense as I expected. I don’t think it would be fair to compare this to TPS because there are limitations to this scone, so I will try my best to judge this objectively as a vegan scone. The texture is a little grainy. It’s chewy like a hard Fig Newton. It doesn’t have the lightness of a pastry which I appreciate. The denseness is unlike any texture I’ve had in a baked good. I wonder what is in this…and by that I mean I’m sure it’s vegan butter, but I wonder what is in vegan butter.

Taste: Not particularly sweet. You definitely taste the flour in the dough. I wonder if she put sugar in it.

Something that kind of drives me crazy: There’s a sugar coating on the outside that makes my fingers sticky every time I eat it. Just because of my upbringing I hate any moment when my hands are dirty. However, the aluminum foil is too loud to wrap around the scone and eat that way. Also, I don’t enjoy biting into scones all too much.

Overall rating: 5/10 (not bad for a vegan scone)

I need to try those vegan chocolate chip scones I saw at Whole Foods the last time I went.

On an unrelated side note, I had a vegan chocolate cupcake yesterday and it was absolutely amazing.

Welcome to my blog about scones!

My name is Megan, and I am a girl in search of the world’s best scones!

I wish I could say that I’m starting today because I just purchased and consumed a scone and then got inspired to write about it, but unfortunately that is not the case. I have been a “sconer” (as one of my classmates so nicely put it) for just about 2 years. I am actually obsessed with all baked goods (with a tendency towards the creamy, chocolate-y, nutty flavor profile as opposed to the fruity, herby flavor profile) but MOST obsessed with scones.

It all began two fateful years ago. I have the great fortune of living (or growing up living) near a Whole Foods that sells AMAZING scones (I call it the perfect scone – or TPS as I’ll refer to it in this blog – but there are some scones out there that have come pretty close). This Whole Foods has several flavors that I have seen including maple walnut, cinnamon, dried fruit and chocolate chip. Two years ago, scones didn’t even blip on my radar. I have always loved baking, but I had never explored scones before. My parents tend to go through food fads; that is, they discover some delicious treat (usually discovered via free samples at Costco or other grocery stores), and, as most people do with things they enjoy eating, they buy that thing consistently for some period of time. To my great fortune, this happened with Whole Foods scones. I came home from college one break, and my mom had bought a maple walnut scone from Whole Foods. Being the food curious individual that I am, I tried some and liked it but did not become immediately obsessed. It took a couple more rounds of buying these scones and one instance of buying the chocolate chip scone which is BY FAR the best for me to really take a liking to them. The chocolate chip scone comes with this delightful glaze (I understand it’s just sugar, but a spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down…or a spoonful of glaze makes the scone that much more wonderful). I have tried several times to replicate this scone with no real success.

Interestingly, although this scone is found at Whole Foods and not in one of those cute bakery shops. Despite it coming from a chain grocery store, I have NEVER been able to find these scones at any other location (and my family and I visit Whole Foods wherever we travel to in the States). Even the scones at the Whole Foods in the next town over (which is only 20 minutes away) sells scones that are completely different (think more muffin and less scone).

(I also acknowledge that in their authentic form, scones are not supposed to contain chocolate chips or be all that sweet at all. However, as I have yet to try real scones in the United Kingdom or wherever they may be, I will enjoy the authenticity of TPS to my heart’s content. And hopefully in my description below, I will be able to relay to you its perfection.) I present to you THE PERFECT SCONE.

IMG_4374TPS: You can’t see any chocolate chips in this image, but take my word for it that it is chockful of yummy chocolate chips. This does however illustrate how the glaze is deliciously drizzled on top.

IMG_4505To that wonderful time when I came home for the holidays and my mom had three TPS waiting for me in the bag. The color of the scones in this picture is more accurate to their actual appearance. Plus you can actually see the chocolate chips AND the glaze.

The Perfect Scone (Chocolate Chip with Glaze)
Whole Foods – Chapel Hill, NC

Texture: Crunchy-ish (but I wouldn’t even use the word crunchy…solid may be more appropriate) on the outside and dense-ish on the inside. The dough is not too dry but not too moist. The shape is circular (you’ll hear more about my particularities on scone shape in future blog posts). Hard to the point where it may hurt if someone threw this scone at you (and also large enough that it would hurt from sheer weight).

Taste: Sweet sweet sweet. Made all the better by the glaze on top (I’m pretty sure it’s just a basic sugar glaze, but together the combination of scone and glaze is DIVINE). The dough excluding the chocolate chips has this deep, rich grain flavor.

Overall rating: 10/10 (This isn’t really all too fair because I am using this as my standard of judgment and what would a standard be if it weren’t perfect. But for the record, it is THAT good and my friends who have tried it can vouch for its perfection even after I sufficiently raised their expectations of it.)

And so the scone adventure begins!